Alpha Recovery

The ALPHA Recovery Course has finished for the time being. We hope to offer the course again next year. In the meantime a group continues to meet biweekly for accountability and encouragement. If you are interested in participating email Pastor Brent

ALPHA Recovery is a free 15 week course that integrates the Bible and the Christian faith into a 12 Step structure. Each week’s meeting focuses on one of the 12 Steps within a safe and open community environment. While ALPHA Recovery is Christian in nature all are welcome to attend whatever their higher power might be. It will meet beginning October 17th.

Meeting Format

 6:45 pm   Doors open – Welcome Team at the ready and smiling!

7.00pm   Welcome and Notices

7:05pm   Talk

7.35pm   Small Group Discussion

8:20pm   Return to Large Group for Explanation of Coursework

and  Serenity Prayer.

8:30pm   Evening ends. Go home!


Session 01 – Introduction – To Change or Not To Change?

Session 02 – Out of Control?

Session 03 – Powerless

Session 04 – New Order

Session 05 – New Life Or Old Life? When Will The Insanity Go

Session 06– Opening Pandora’s Box

Session 07 – Inventory

Session 08 – Time to Confess

Session 09 – Getting Ready

Session 10 – The Removal Business

Session 11 – Making Amends

Session 12 – Not So Bad After All

Session 13 – Cleaning House

Session 14 – No Going Back

Session 15 – From Liberated to Liberator

Sign up for Alpha Recovery here!


The Parish House of Byfield Parish Church located at 132 Jackman St. in Georgetown, MA.




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