National Ministries

Biblical Witness Fellowship – The Biblical Witness Fellowship is a confessing fellowship within the United Church of Christ whose members believe that the Bible is the infallible Word of God. Members affirm the statement of faith known as the Dubuque Declaration.

Broadcast Sermons – Sermons may be heard on WNBP, WROL, and WEZE, and are available on our website,

Missions – We sponsor numerous missions in several countries. Our missionaries are engaged in teaching, evangelizing and health care missions through the world, including Africa, Russia, and Latin American countries. March is Missions month during which we offer an international dinner and presentations as well as sermons by some of our missionaries.

Overseed – Most historic New England churches have been declining for decades. In many cases, the roots of decline stem back to previous church leadership turning from the historic Gospel message and replacing the outward mission of the church with an inward survival mentality. As a result, these once-thriving churches have dwindling congregations that no longer focus on reaching their communities for Christ.  Overseed believes the positive way forward begins with prayer and continues with an intentional embracing of revitalization strategies that address this theological shift and missional drift. Since its founding in 2008, Overseed has worked with dozens of pastors and pastoral candidates seeking and serving in replant situations and has seen many churches become renewed.

Prison Fellowship Project Angel Tree – Project Angel Tree is under the aegis of the Prison Fellowship. The purpose of the program is to provide Christmas presents for the children of prisoners.


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