Music Ministry


The Music Ministry strives to expand the worship of God through the vehicle of music for all those in attendance at Byfield Parish Church services, programs, classes and other activities.  It is our hope that the music we present will

  1. Improve and challenge our theological understanding and awareness of our relationship to God through Jesus Christ.
  2. Appeal to a wide variety of ages and musical tastes, and
  3. Stimulate praise, worship and glorification of Jesus Christ through music.



  • Choir – The Byfield Parish Church Choir attempts to provide choral music selections during Sunday morning worship services that instruct and encourage our church body and bring glory to God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  Membership in the choir is open to anyone who has a song in their heart and can carry a tune in a bucket!  No prior music reading experience is necessary.  For more information, contact Music Director, Bob Lathrop (
  • Praise Band – The Praise Band offers a mix of contemporary songs and hymns at the beginning of each worship service.  The purpose of the music is to usher the congregation into the presence of the Almighty God, acknowledge the work of Christ in our lives, and prepare us for confession.  Anyone interested in playing or singing in the band should contact Music Director, Bob Lathrop (
  • Youth Choir – The Youth Choir is a ministry both to our younger singers and by our younger singers.  Youth Choir offers an opportunity for kids of all ages to learn how to participate in Worship Services through their gifts of music.  Under the direction of Robin D Hudson, the members learn how to optimize their current vocal skills and learn new ones.  Members also learn how to play handbells to accompany themselves.  The Youth Choir participates in the Christmas Cantata, Easter Service, Music Sunday and Sunday School Sunday, and sometimes combines with the adult choir for special anthems.  It is our hope that they will one day be future members of the adult choir.   Contact Robin D. Hudson at 978-346-8992 or by email at for more information.
  • Cantata Choir – The Cantata Choir is gathered each year with the sole purpose of preparing for the annual Christmas Cantata concert.  This group is a great option for those interested in singing with a choir for a short-term time commitment.  Rehearsals for the cantata begin in October, and the cantata is presented early in December.  To join, simply come to the first rehearsal when it is announced.
  • Handbell Choir – The Handbell Choir is gathered for special performances during the year.  Membership is open to anyone who has experience reading music.  If you are interested in playing in the Handbell Choir, contact Music Director, Bob Lathrop (
  • Men’s Choir – The Men’s Choir sings once each year on Mother’s Day.  It is open to any male singer regardless of experience.  Because the Men’s Choir only rehearses two or three weeks prior to Mother’s Day, it is a great opportunity to sing in a choir for a short-term time commitment.
  • Women’s Ensemble – The Women’s Ensemble is gathered for special performances during the year.  Membership is open to female singers by invitation.  The group is directed by Organist/Accompanist, Holly Nowak.  For more information, contact Holly (



In addition to membership in one of our ensembles, those with musical gifts are encouraged to use their talents individually, or in small groups, by offering special musical numbers during the offertory.






















































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