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Hello All,
I am reminded this week that there are many things that other people are better at than me. I say this not with sadness but joy. A few weeks back I asked Nathan Hunter to film a series of short testimonies for the church that will be shown during the offertory once a month called “Frontline Testimonies”. In my mind it was a pretty simple request; a quick 5-minute interview that Nathan would film and edit slightly. On Sunday after church, the first testimonies were recorded. Nathan had set up lights, multiple cameras, and sound. It was way beyond my vision. You know what? His videos will be better, much better than mine would have been.
Creating video content is a way Nathan has been gifted that I have not. He has no desire(I don’t think) to preach a sermon and I have no desire to edit a video. We both have roles to play. The reason this is a cause for joy is that it reflect how the church, Christ’s body, is supposed to work. Every person is uniquely gifted is some way. God doesn’t make junk. For some, this means creating a welcoming environment at the Senior Luncheon. Others are gifted to organize or sing. The Byfield church community will thrive in proportion to the level of engagement of those who attend. The question for you to ask yourself is how you can serve the bride of Christ.
In Christ,
P.S. Thank-you to Bob Libert for all his work with sound and media. Thank-you to all those that make the Senior Luncheon happen, this is a great ministry of Byfield Parish Church.


Hello All,

    The shooting in Washington D.C. earlier this week and my own sermon prep remind me to consider a biblical truth: Words Matter. God spoke the world into existence through words, John describes Jesus as the Word. Each day we are all exposed to thousands of spoken and written words. The words we listen to shape us. They affect the way we live our lives. Much of what we hear on commercials, talk radio, from our friends, and elsewhere contradicts God’s words spoken through Scripture and the Holy Spirit.

Just as we are shaped through what we hear the words we speak shape others. They also shape us. We need to be aware of the impact our words are having. Not just what we mean, but how those words are understood by others. The person you speak to more than any other is yourself, you are constantly talking to yourself. What you say affects how you live.  Your words should be salt and light to others and to yourself.



In Christ,

Pastor Brent



P.S. Thank-you to all those that work with the Byfield’s youth and children. It was great to see God at work last Sunday.

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