Church Government

A congregational church is governed solely by the congregation, seeking God’s will. All matters brought before the council (made up of all church boards and committees) recommend matters to be voted on by the church. Church officers include the Moderator, Clerk and Treasurer. In general they represent the church in all legal matters. They sign contracts, sell and pass on titles on property. In addition the moderator presides over all elections and meetings of the church.

The Senior Pastor is in charge of the spiritual development and welfare of the church.

The Elders are responsible for the ministries and spiritual direction of the church, while honoring the gifts and callings of those persons serving within the church body.

The Diaconate will give an individual the opportunity to show love and caring to God’s Church, people within the surrounding community, and, in particular, the BPC community.  It is an opportunity to grow in service and in faith and to pray for needs individually and as a group.

The Board of Trustees shall be responsible for the care, custody, maintenance, and repair of the Church’s real and tangible personal property. Chairperson,


Boards and Committees of the Byfield Parish Church.

There are no pre-requisites for serving on a church board or committee other than Church membership. There are vacancies on all. For more information contact a member of the Nominating Committee or call the church office at 978-352-2022

The Administrative Committee shall be responsible for handling the business affairs of the Church not specifically assigned to other boards, committees, or officers.

The AV Committee shall operate and maintain audio and video resources during Byfield Parish services and for BPC events where such provisions are requested. This committee currently operates under the Music Committee.

The Christian Education Committee shall have general direction of the work of the Church School and shall act as an advisory committee for all Christian educational activity throughout the Church.

The Finance Committee shall prepare an annual budget for the Church in cooperation with each committee, board, and officer responsible for establishing a budgeted item. It shall review the entire budget with the Church Council prior to presentation for approval at the Annual Meeting. It shall continually review the financial condition of the Church and take appropriate action when necessary.

The Flower Committee shall make provision for flowers for each Sunday’s worship service and for other seasonal or special services. They shall be responsible for the provision of special decorations for the meetinghouse for special seasons such as Christmas and Easter.

The Hospitality Committee hosts coffee hour on Sundays. They also help with special receptions such as for new members or to acknowledge new graduates. They organize other events for fellowship. They assist other committees when requested with events. 

The Missions Committee directs the administration of Missions within the Byfield Parish Church. We encourage prayer for missionaries, meet with missionaries seeking financial support, stay in contact with missionaries, and update the congregation and Church Council. The committee is also responsible for hosting, planning and preparing events for visiting and returning missionaries so they can share with the congregation what God is doing through their efforts in the Missions field.

The Music Committee shall be responsible for the provision of suitable music for Church services; coordinate special musical events throughout the year. They shall encourage and support the church’s volunteer musicians including the choir, praise band, sound room technicians, and special music contributors.

The Nominating Committee shall present to the Annual Meeting of the Church, and at other times as circumstances may require, a list of nominations for officers, boards, committees, or other positions prescribed by the by-laws.



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