Byfield Parish Church practices both believer’s and infant(paedo) baptism. Individuals who desire believer’s baptism or parents who wish to have their infants or young children baptized must be part of the life and community of Byfield Parish Church and profess Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Whether a baptism is done for an adult or infant it is a sacramental and communal act. Both adults and children are welcome and encouraged to actively participate in the life of the church.  Private baptisms will not be performed.

To better understand this church’s convictions regarding what the symbolic act of baptism represents please listen to the following sermon and seminar sessions. If you still have questions the Pastor or Elders of Byfield Parish Church would be happy to meet with you.  If you are interested in being baptized yourself or in having your child baptized please contact the church office or send an email.

Sermon on Baptism at Byfield:

Seminar #1 on Infant Baptism

Seminar #2 on Believer’s Baptism



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